It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, nor have done anything productive. I am on my twenties now, with at least an eighteen years of experience in life, and to be honest I am “EXHAUSTED”!, turns out living in between things of do’s and don’ts can really put up so much stress and anxiety on a person that sometimes the word “QUIT” is almost a little bit easy to do than the word “CONTINUE” (not actually stating the fact that it is shorter thus easier to write.). Lets face it, we’ve all been feeling a little bit left out on things we know we mustn’t or just plain shouldn’t whether its about school, religion, work, social stuff and even on family.

Exhaustion is common this days although some of us just blindly ignores it or just plainly hides it, and most of the time we didn’t even know it’s existence. For me it’s like an apple, not rotting with time, but melting. Where you can watch yourself slowly drying out, draining the life and soul out of you. The feeling where everything you do before doesn’t even weight anything anymore. Wasting your day on empty thoughts, soundless voices and useless actions, where people will look at you and see you and not even care. You keep on doing this “daily routine” in which are necessary but not important, things that are wanting but not actually needed, previous friends whom you can’t even talk to with. Things that suppose to make you happy or at-least give you a little grin, doesn’t work well anymore. People whom you love aren’t always there to comfort you, things that you really wanna do ain’t that accessible to you or hindrances follows. Missed the old times where laughter would just be enough.

How I wish that tomorrow morning, everything would ¬†at-least be a little different, on which you won’t put up on those things that aren’t actually needed, to approach those persons of which you have doubts to. To at least feel the you belong, that everyone could be a little bit more understanding rather than be undermining. To not be afraid to smile and to be smiled back upon, to at least have a true happy day once in a while.



Photo by : louskan (Melting_Apple) Deviant Art

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